For Faculty

Instructors can schedule Brief Writing Center Presentations during which writing tutors will highlight writing support and services available to students through the Writing Center. Typically, these presentations take place during the first few weeks of the semester but can be scheduled at any time. Click HERE to schedule a Brief Writing Center Presentation.

The Writing Center also offers In Class Tutoring to help writers in your classroom at any stage of the writing process.

With In Class Tutoring, a tutor will come to your classroom to work with students individually, offering specific writing support based on your students’ needs. Writers will establish and build relationships with tutors for future collaboration as well as strengthen their writing process, knowledge, and as a result, their writing projects.

You and the tutor work together in a collaborative environment for one or multiple classes throughout the semester so writers can get the attention they need for a particular assignment.

Tutors can help with a variety of topics, such as:

    • Generating ideas/ prewriting
    • Creating drafts
    • Peer review
    • Revising
    • Research skills
    • Citing in MLA, APA, or Chicago Style
    • Using and integrating sources
    • Other writing needs based on your class and assignment

We also offer In Class Presentations on specific writing topics, including:

    • Organizing ideas and creating an outline
    • Citing in MLA, APA, or Chicago Style
    • Paraphrasing and integrating sources
    • Any other topics relevant to your course writing

For instructors who wish to provide additional writing and research support, The Writing Center offers Joint Writing Tutor and Research Librarian Presentations. Both a writing tutor and research librarian present information to a class on citing in MLA, APA, Chicago Style and library databases.

In addition, the Writing Center also provides consulting and feedback on assignment design and evaluation rubrics; guidance in best practices for responding to students’ writing; writing to learn activities to support course learning and writing; and useful writing resources.

For questions and scheduling, contact Dr. Jen Consilio, Professor of English Studies and Writing Center Director, via e-mail at or by calling (815) 836-5727.

In Class Tutoring

Joint Presentations