How to Survive College Writing

College Writing is the introductory course for the writing you will be doing in your college career that every writing student is going to have to take. Even though it may be an introduction course, take it seriously! College Writing is one of the building blocks you will need to improve your writing while at university. Here are some reminders to help you survive:

  • Attend class. College Writing is not a blow off class. If you do not show up, you will most likely be missing out on information that you wish you had for future classwork.
  • Turn in all of your assignments. The coursework in College Writing is setup to prepare you for writing in academia. You may not realize it, but the assignments will prepare you for further college writing and will help you become a stronger writer.
  • Try not to wait until the last minute. Try not to wait until the day before or the day when an assignment is due. Your professors will notice that the assignment was rushed. Also, taking your time on an assignment will be less stressful and you will most likely turn in work that you are proud of.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help. Your professor is there to help you! Always ask questions if you are lost and confused. The Writing Center is a great resource on campus that will give you more personal help with your writing assignments.  Meet with a tutor by visiting or by calling (815) 836-5427.