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Fall 2017 Tutors

Adrianna: Hi, everyone! My name is Adrianna Polit. I am a second-year master’s student at Lewis University and am pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English. I will also be earning both middle school and ESL endorsements. Prior to Lewis, I received a B.A. in Communications at Benedictine University. After various event planning and administrative positions, I realized my true calling was teaching. Now, I’m following my passion, and that path has, fortunately, led me here!Since English is my area of study, writing is a great strength of mine, whether it be music, personal reflections, or research and persuasive essays. Through my years as a student, I have come to appreciate all styles of writing, which is why I am so passionate about helping others effectively express themselves through the written word. In the words of J.K. Rowling’s Albus Dumbledore, “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” When I am not on campus, you can find me working as a server at Redstone American Grill in Oakbrook Terrace or as the Assistant Sales Manager at Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero.
Alexis: Hello! My name is Alexis. I’m currently a senior here at Lewis majoring in athletic training. I plan on specializing in performing arts athletic training which will allow me to combine two of my passions into one profession. Aside from my studies, I’m a sister of Theta Kappa Pi regional sorority and a Flyerettes Dance Team alumni. In my downtime I like to dance, sing, shop, go on Instagram, and watch an abundance of dance channels that I’m subscribed to on YouTube. In addition to tutoring, I also work at Harrah’s Casino in Joliet as a cashier and host. I believe I bring a bright and positive atmosphere to the Writing Center. I’m very optimistic and always willing to help others. This is my third year tutoring at the Writing Center and it has been such an amazing experience. Not only did I get to work with different writers and learn different writing styles, I also discovered new things I didn’t know about writing. For example, I’m very grateful to have earned my ESL/ELL Specialist Tutor Certification last semester. Some of the writing assignments I like working with are personal bios, rhetorical analysis, and persuasive essays, but I’m always excited to help with any paper you may have! I’m looking forward to this fall semester and working with all of you!
angelica  Angelica: Hi! This will be my third year tutoring at the Writing Center and, as always, I cannot wait to see what this semester holds. To share a little about myself, I am an English/Secondary Education major, I am in my final year here at Lewis, and I am also involved in the ROTC program. Reading has always been a huge part of my life with its promise of peace, knowledge, and adventure. In contrast, writing was more of a love/hate relationship. When I first started writing papers academically, it was a struggle. Instead of offering an escape, writing felt like an additional stressor. However, as my education continued, I began to slowly collect different methods and tools that allowed my writing to become a form of expression, even in the academic setting. Now, I could not see myself getting through the semester without writing about my thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Incorporating my passions and convictions helps to make my papers personal and valuable to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to help writers feel more confident and comfortable with their writing process. I love to learn and nothing is more important to me than assisting others in their personal growth. My favorite things to work on are brainstorming, drafting, and connecting ideas because I love having those conversations where I really get to know the writer’s that I work with. I cannot wait to meet more of my peers this semester in the Writing Center and have some great conversations about writing!
ashley  Ashley: Hello All! I am currently a senior at Lewis University, majoring in English and secondary education with a minor in theology. I spent eight years in the Marine Corps, where I visited many different countries. I speak polite ASL, and I am currently learning how to speak Ukrainian. Previously I have taught 7th grade English Language Arts at Dirksen Junior High School and science and creative writing at the Bridgeview Public Library. I am currently teaching in a local high school, and I hope to someday teach middle level English at a private school in Illinois. Here at Lewis University I have held various roles in both Jet Fuel Review and The Flyer, which include serving as a layout, fiction, and nonfiction editor for Jet Fuel Review and the religion and head opinions editor for The Flyer. I have won two first place writing awards for both research/academic essay and fiction genres. I have experience with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft programs and also with MLA, APA, and AP formats. I especially enjoy working with creative writing, theology, and sociology assignments, although I am enthusiastic about working with a multitude of different disciplines and topics. I am knowledgeable in and enjoy helping writers with brainstorming and finding credible sources. In my spare time I like to read, exercise, and spend time with my family. I look forward to helping students grow as writers and learn how to better express their ideas through language.
Bree Bree: Greetings! I’m a senior here at Lewis University majoring in English/professional writing and minoring in social media. I’ve attended three other colleges before Lewis, but I am thrilled to report that Lewis is by far my favorite. I keep very busy during the semester, whether that be by writing news articles for The Flyer, designing PR materials and managing social media accounts for The Writing Center or working my part-time job outside of school. I will also be taking on a new opportunity for Jet Fuel Review as the Media and Communications Editor. Despite my busy schedule, I love every minute of what I do and learn at Lewis. You can check out my two Facebook series, Freewrite Friday and Writing Tip Tuesday, every week on The Writing Center’s Facebook page. I have also revived The Writing Center’s Instagram, so be sure to follow us at @writingcenterlu as well!
BrChris Brother Chris: Hi! My name is Brother Chris and as a graduate writing specialist, working with Master’s or Doctoral level, I can assist students with any aspect of writing. Scientific, technical, business, and online writing, as well as APA and IEEE writing conventions are areas of particular expertise. My interests include the study of scientific and intercultural rhetorical communities, with an emphasis on how these communities communicate with other audiences. **Please note that I am not available for real time online response appointments.
Cindy Cindy: Hello, Everyone! I’m Cindy and I’m a sophomore here at Lewis. Currently, I am studying English and Secondary Education; my hope is that I’ll find a job working as a high school English teacher when I graduate. This is my first year as a tutor at the Writing Center, and I’m excited to help and be a part of your writing process. I have written papers in theology, English, chemistry, physics, history, art, and communications. Out of those classes, writing pieces for theology and college writing were by far my favorite. In addition, I personally enjoy writing argumentative, memoir, and thesis driven papers. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, painting, reading, and listening to music; I’m a big fan of classic rock, blues, and jazz. I’m also a huge animal lover, and have two small attention-seeking dogs back home. As a tutor for the Writing Center, I look forward to helping you strengthen your writing process!
Chelsea Chelsea: My name is Chelsea, and I am a graduate writing specialist here at the Writing Center, as well an adjunct instructor in the English Studies department. I graduated from Lewis in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Secondary Education. I completed my Master’s degree at Olivet-Nazarene University in 2015. I have taught in public school for 7 years at both the high school and middle school level. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught students how to work with many different genres of writing. My experience in the classroom has helped me become a better writer, but it has also helped me to be able to assist writers at all stages of the writing process from planning and pre-writing to revising and editing. I believe that we become better writers by focusing on writing as a process instead of just focusing on the project itself. When I am not teaching, I love spending time with my husband and three kids, reading, traveling, and spending time outdoors. I look forward to working with you and helping you become a stronger, more confident writer.
Dominique Dominique: Hi, writers! My name is Dominique, and I am a graduate assistant, graduate writing specialist, and undergraduate tutor in the Writing Center. Currently, I am studying secondary education with the aspiration of becoming a high school English teacher. I first began tutoring writing as an undergraduate student at Lewis, and instantly, I fell in love. Working with students in the Writing Center helped me to discover my passion for teaching writing and ultimately, inspired me to pursue my graduate degree in education, so that someday I might have a classroom of my own. Since graduating with my bachelors from Lewis in May 2015, I have tutored at two different schools and even earned my tutoring certification from the College Reading and Learning Association. I have experience working with students at all different stages of the writing process and on all different types of assignments though, I especially enjoy helping with rhetorical or literary analyses, argumentative papers, and graduate level writing assignments. In addition to my background in English, I have graphic design knowledge and I’m excited to help you with any creative projects, such as creating power points, designing documents, and compiling resumes. If I could spend every day curled up in bed with a book, I probably would, but right now, I spend most of my time either in class or studying. I love animals and live on a small family farm where I care for my horses, chickens, and goats. I enjoy chatting about writing and I hope that I have the chance to collaborate with you this semester. Stop by soon, so we can get to work!
Haley Haley: Hello! My name is Haley Anderson. I am a junior here at Lewis University who is currently majoring in Secondary Education with a focus on English and a minor in ESL. I originally attended Illinois State University with a major in Public Relations, but decided to transfer to Lewis University my second year along with changing my major. Outside of classes, I am working as a teacher at a daycare, but in my spare time, I enjoy staying active, volunteering at senior homes and staying busy with family, friends, etc. Writing has always been a major influence in my life whether it be personal or academic. If I had to pick out a couple of my strengths as a writer they would definitely have to be my ability to create a voice along with being able to efficiently and thoroughly elaborate on my ideas. I have always had a passion for writing along with helping others improve their own writing. I am delighted to have the opportunity to help other students with their writing and could not be more excited to use my own knowledge and experience to help others not only grow a better understanding of the writing process, but also expand their confidence with their work.
jasmine  Jasmine: I’m Professor Jasmine Castillo, and I am the Writing Center’s graduate ESL specialist and the ESL Coordinator here at Lewis. I received my Bachelor’s degree in English-Professional Writing from Lewis in 2010 and received my Master’s degree in Teaching Writing from DePaul University in 2012. I also have a graduate teaching certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I currently teach College Writing 1 and 2 for the English department. I believe that we become better writers by reading thought-provoking texts and responding to those texts through conversation, collaboration, and experimentation with writing and rewriting. I hope to help you become comfortable with participating in the writing process and all the learning that occurs along the way. I have always been fascinated by language and find writing to be a thrilling task. I believe that bilingualism is an ability people should be proud of. I have extensive experience writing undergraduate and graduate level papers, and can assist students with any aspect of writing. I am also happy to work with you on any ESL issue you may be struggling with such as grammar, vocabulary, understanding assignments, and/or practicing conversation. When I am not teaching, or grading, or tutoring, I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time with my son, Dean. I look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you on developing your skills as a writer.
joe Joe: My name is Joe and I am a graduate student at Lewis University. I am currently pursuing my secondary education teaching certificate in English. I received my Bachelor’s Degree of Arts and Sciences from DePaul University with a concentration in English and Literary Studies. Throughout my years at DePaul I tutored many of my fellow students, and the writing subjects ranged over a variety of different fields and topics. Aside from writing I also enjoy running, watching the Chicago Blackhawks, kickboxing and spending time with family and friends.First and foremost, I understand that not everyone loves writing and that some experiences in this area aren’t always positive. My personal goal as your tutor is to make your comfort level with writing better than it was before you came into the Writing Center. I also aim to improve your writing process as well as specified mechanical skills like grammar. Focusing on and developing these techniques will vastly enhance your work. I look forward to working together!
Julia Julia: “Hello, it’s me/I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…” for a scheduled tutoring secession with the one, the only, Julia. I am a senior here at Lewis University, and I would like to help guide you through your quest of writing and leveling up as a writer. I am a double major in English and Secondary Education with a certification in Athletic Coaching. I also have a background in medical terminology as a result of earning my C.N.A certification back in high school. I am an ESL/ELL Specialist Tutor. I am from Mount Prospect. In my free time, I like to take long walks on white, sandy beaches, read mystery or tragic stories, watch movies, go see or watch musicals (big fan), and slowly wither down my three-page bucket list. I am also known for my amusing sense of humor (really good for satire essays), my overall dorkiness/cheesiness, and random quotes from movies, musicals, songs, etc. When I was a child, I used to struggle with writing and reading because I was adopted from Russia at three years old. I struggled throughout grade school, often needing multiple tutors for multiple subjects, but when I got to high school my teachers began to challenge me. I would not be where I am today if I had not been encouraged by my teachers who went above and beyond to help me. I hope that I can encourage and give you the confidence you need to become a stronger writer.
Kathleen Kathleen: Hello! My name is Kathaleen, and I am a senior Secondary Education and English major. I have been at Lewis University since the Spring of 2016, and this is my fifth and final year of school. Outside of academics, I enjoy reading (especially the classics and the works of Stephen King), going to the movies (I will see pretty much anything except romantic comedies), and spending time with my dog (a cockapoo named Griffy, short for Gryffindor). One of my quirks is that I thoroughly enjoy editing papers, which brings me here to the Writing Center. I love the writing process in itself, and I enjoy helping others with their writing. This is my first semester tutoring, but I do have experience helping my peers with their writing. I hope to bring my past writing experiences to the tutoring table. Additionally, I hope to help you strengthen your writing and writing process. Hope to see you soon!
Keanu Keanu: I am a 1st year graduate student studying middle school education. During my undergrad, I decided I wanted to teach because of my experiences in the Writing Center. I have always been an enthusiastic writer and have always defined writing as my safe place, but after taking the Writing Center practicum and learning how to become a useful resource with writing, I committed to the Education path. In addition to Education, I minored in Online and Print Journalism and have been published numerous times in the Lewis Flyer. I describe myself as a people person because I love interacting and meeting new people, but I also love helping people. Along with academics, I am an athlete on the Lewis Women’s Track & Field team where I am competing for my final year as a Flyer. If you cannot find me on the track or in a classroom, you can find me binge-watching horror films, Disney Channel, or adding another monkey to my stuffed monkey collection.
Leah Leah: Hello, and welcome to my bio. My name is Leah Roberts, and I am a junior here at Lewis University! I would be absolutely honored and delighted to assist your writing skills, or assist you in the writing process of your paper. As an elementary education major with an endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL), I have a passion for working and communicating with others. I want to do everything that I can to help you achieve your very best. I have experience tutoring students at my local elementary school, and this has helped me to realize that my heart truly does lie in the field of education. Thank you for helping make my dream of working as a tutor for other students come true. My love for reading and writing came at an early age when I began reading the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling inspired me as a young girl to write my own stories. I hope to start my own blog in the near future or begin a blog for teachers when I become one. When I am not in the library studying, I have a number of passions. I am crazy about running, and I plan on running a marathon in the near future. My love for running definitely gives me a good appetite, which has led me to my love for cooking and trying new recipes with my very talented mom. My family means absolutely everything to me, and I love spending time with them. I truly treasure our yearly summer adventures in Michigan. Thank you for your time, and I want you to know that you are in great hands with me as your tutor!
Lillian Lillian: Hi! My name is Lillian and I am a Biology major with the hope to someday be a research scientist, so I am very familiar with scientific writing and lab reports. For a majority of my educational career, I was very reluctant when it came to writing, but being able to explore different writing styles and topics in a college setting has allowed me to cultivate a greater appreciation and patience for writing and the writing process. Being a former clarinet tutor, I believe that the writer has as much to offer as the tutor. I enjoy working one-on-one with others and having an opportunity to learn from them as well. In my free time, I love to jam on my saxophone, play videogames, and spend time with friends. I look forward to working with you!
Lindsey Lindsey: Hello, writers! My name is Lindsey and I am one of the undergraduate tutors here at the Writing Center. I transferred to Lewis last fall after receiving my Associate’s degree from Moraine Valley Community College. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in English and Middle School Education. I am eager to someday teach America’s youth about English and reading. Writing, specifically, has always been a passion of mine, so I look forward to sharing some of my tips and tricks with all of you. Need help brainstorming? Need help during the revision process? Come and see me in the Writing Center where I can assist you with all your writing needs. I look forward to working with you collaboratively to help you to strengthen your writing process!
Liz Liz: Hello, writers! My name is Liz and I have been tutoring here at the Writing Center for two years. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in Middle Level Education with a second major in English. I am a senior and plan to graduate in December of 2018 and then, I am on to teaching middle school Language Arts! Last semester, I taught in an 8th grade classroom at Dirksen Junior high and next semester, I will be completing more student teaching. I am very happy to be returning to the Writing Center for a second year and am excited to work with different writers! I can help writers with all types of writing styles and assignments, but specifically, I enjoy working on literary analyses, reflections, summaries, and creative pieces. Along with that, I am also on my way to pursuing my ELL/ESL certification through the Writing Center and have experience working with students who speak English as a second language. My experience here at the Writing Center along with my coursework at Lewis has taught me different approaches on how to assist writers and better help them with brainstorming, developing ideas, and making connections. Outside of the Writing Center, I am also involved with the Lewis University newspaper, The Flyer, and participate annually in the university’s fine arts magazine, Windows. I also work part time at my local library in the children’s department and love to spend time reading, going to concerts, and hanging out with my cat, Minnie. I look forward to working with you and strengthening your skills!
melissa Melissa: Hello! My name is Melissa and I am a senior at Lewis University. I am majoring in special education and minoring in psychology. This is my third year as a tutor. I’m also currently on the executive board of a great organization here on campus called Best Buddies. Best Buddies is an international organization dedicated to the inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities. In my spare time, I love to figure skate and cook! My love for writing stems from my love for reading. Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter and Wuthering Heights. As a special education major, it is my mission in life to promote inclusive learning. I am excited to work with students with disabilities or students with diverse needs. I am also an ELL/ESL specialist and am excited to support students with needs in this area. I believe everyone is capable of being a great writer and I am willing to support your unique needs to help you become the best writer you can be!
10003367_686890254685845_293236202_n Michael B.: My name is Michael and I am a doctoral student at Lewis in Educational Leadership. As a graduate writing specialist, working with Master’s, Doctoral, and SPCE-level writing, I can assist students with any aspect of writing as well as resumes and graduate school personal statements. In addition to writing two Master’s theses and peer-reviewed journal articles, I have extensive experience writing undergraduate and graduate level papers, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. I particularly enjoy working with assignments in history, political science, economics, philosophy, english, theology, communications, sociology, education, cultural studies and the liberal arts in general. I can also assist with CMS, MLA, APA citation styles and ELL/international student writing as well. I believe strongly in emphasizing organization, focus or unity, and content development when writing. In my spare time I enjoy grilling meats, 5 on 3 power plays, the future, the sea, and coaching the Lewis University Rugby Club. I look forward to working with you and hope to be a part of the Lewis community for a long time.
Michael Michael: Hello! My name is Michael, and I am junior physics major here at Lewis University. I can assist you with brainstorming to help create ideas for writing your piece as well as help with revision and polishing. I am also able to assist with APA and MLA formatting. At Lewis, I spend a lot of my time conducting undergraduate research in the labs in the Physics and Chemistry Departments. I believe that this experience makes me well suited for assisting you in more technical and analytical writing. When I am not working in the lab or on academics, I spend my free time at the gym, reading, or socializing with friends. While I am a physics major, I love reading about history, philosophy, and classical literature. I enjoy learning about time periods and philosophies such as Roman/Greek antiquity, modern European history, stoicism, and existentialism. If you have any history or literature review papers, I am excited to help with these as well. Overall, I look forward to helping you with your writing. Through my own writing endeavors, I learned that taking the time to dig through and reflect on your writing is an effective way to improve the quality of the overall piece. I look forward to working with you to help let your ideas show through in your writing!
Monique Monique: Hi! My name is Monique Cruz and I am currently a graduate student studying Secondary Education. I graduated from Lewis with my Bachelors in 2014, majoring in English and minoring in Women Studies. After I left Lewis, I joined the Lasallian Volunteer Program where I served two years in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In serving as a Campus Minister, Writing Lab Coordinator, and English Co-Teacher for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in the Twin Cities, I validated my passion in inspiring the youth and teaching them the works of literature and the process of writing. In now having the opportunity to further my education to become closer to my desire of being a High School English teacher, I am happy that I am able to grow further in guiding others to find their voice in their writing through Lewis’s Writing Center. The Writing Center is filled with resources, so I am excited to share and navigate the resources with you as Lewis students. I can be found in the Writing Center mostly on Sundays, but you will probably see my friendly face on campus as a graduate assistant in University Ministry or an active member of Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority. I hope to see you soon and best of luck with your school year!
noah Noah: Greetings fellow Lewis University students! My name is Noah Slowik and I am a fourth-year junior currently pursing my Bachelor’s in English Language Arts and Secondary Education. I am transfer student from North Central College now entering my fourth semester at Lewis where I am scheduled to graduate with the class of 2019. In my time here, I have been fortunate to celebrate some academic success whereas I currently maintain a 3.9 GPA. During my undergrad thus far, I have also discovered strong fascinations in the areas of Psychology, Theology, and Philosophy in addition to the interests in my major classes. In addition to academics, I also played on the school’s Men’s Club Volleyball team for a semester, and I am about to enter my third year coaching high school boys at Breaker Volleyball Club in Naperville. Starting this fall semester, I am also getting involved with the school newspaper, The Flyer, and the school literary magazine, Jet Fuel Review. I also spend as much time as possible participating at the Philip Lynch Theatre on campus. This summer, I worked as a barista pouring coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and loved it. During my free time, I am learning to speak Polish, I enjoy reading sci-fi novels, I love visiting the plethora of awesome museums in Chicagoland, and I also like discovering the newest and grooviest indie music that millennials can find.
Sam Sam G: Hello, fellow writers! I am a senior English major, with a concentration in Creative and Professional Writing along with a minor in Film. As a tutor, I specialize in creative pieces, rhetorical arguments, and writing that pertains to the arts given my creative writing background. I am the managing editor of Lewis’ in-house literary journal Jet Fuel Review. Therefore, I have a vast knowledge of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, as well as art, and I enjoy assisting in the creation and/or analysis of any of these literary genres. Complementing the art that I review for the journal, I am a huge proponent of the visual aspect of writing and would be excited to work on a piece’s design along with the content. Though my passion lies is creative writing, I can also help you with more rhetorical writing projects such as argument pieces, personal essays, and research synthesis. When I am not working at the Writing Center or reading submissions for Jet Fuel, I am wrangling carts at Whole Foods. Outside of academia, I enjoy horror films, yoga, and recycling.
Sam Sam M: Hello there! My name is Samantha Moffett. This is my second year at Lewis University and I am majoring in Secondary Education and English. Before coming here, I went to College of DuPage for two years and graduated with an Associate in General Studies. Writing has been a big part of my life ever since I was little: I wrote short stories and poems for fun as well as for school magazines, I worked for the Lemont High School newspaper, the Tom-Tom, as a Features Writer for two years, and I was also a tutor at the LHS Writing Center. I love the process of writing, particularly when it comes to working with creative writing and poetry. My other passion is drawing, and I love to work on charcoal portraits or little doodles whenever I get the chance. I cannot wait to help those who come into our Writing Center! I look forward to working with you!
Steve Steve: I’m a returning student at Lewis University and started my college career in 1996. As an English Writing major, I enjoy the aspects of creating stronger and more convincing papers and learning new things from in-depth research. Most of my weekends and weeknights revolve around my family (one gorgeous wife and two beautiful girls) and the creation of edible matter which I use to feed a family. I love the rare opportunity to go out on a date with my wife and drink wine and eat cheese. I enjoy spending time taking care of my two dogs, cat, chickens, and two rats. I enjoy the art of crafting bacon and smoking BBQ. To clear my mind, I enjoy watching multiple genres of television, movies, and playing video games.
taylor Taylor: Hi, everyone! My name is Taylor, I am a senior here at Lewis majoring in Psychology and minoring in Social Work. This will be my third year working at the Writing Center and I am looking forward to working at the Writing Center again this semester. I love writing persuasive papers because there are so many different routes you can go with them, allowing you to be unique with your writing. In addition to persuasive papers, I also enjoy memoirs and rhetorical analyses, but am excited to help with any type of paper that comes my way. With my abilities in writing and experience working with others one-on-one, I feel that I am prepared to help anyone that needs it and to assist as much as a specific person needs. I am open-minded with my writing and enjoy learning new ways to let creativity show through. I will bring that to the table during my tutoring sessions. I do not believe that there is one “right” way to write and would never try to tell someone that they are wrong. With the right skills, students can enjoy writing rather than feeling that it is such a daunting task. That is something I would like to show the peers I work with. Besides working at the Writing Center at Lewis, I am a member of Best Buddies and Psi Chi. Outside of writing, I enjoy being around friends. You’ll always see me around campus with them. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix; I watch way too many TV shows. I look forward to working with you this year!

Writing Center Director

Jennifer Consilio: Jennifer Consilio, Professor and Writing Center Director, began her career at Lewis in 2005. She earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University in Rhetoric and Composition, with secondary areas in digitality and minority rhetorics.  She has taught courses including Writing for the Professions, Document Design, The Electronic Word, Advanced Technical Writing, Writing in the Disciplines: Law Enforcement, Theories of Composing, Rhetoric for Writers, Advanced Writing, and courses in the First-Year Writing sequence. Recent scholarship presentations include “Reuse, Recycle: Constructing a (Re)New(ed) Ethos for Composition Studies,” and “Playgrounds of the Mind: Online Play with Identity.” She serves as the area chair in Virtual Identities and Self-Promotion for the National Popular Culture/American Culture Association and is currently working on a project examining technology and identity.